Sic Bo – How and Where to Play this Game

Sic Bo is a Chinese dice game which is also known as hi-lo in the Philippines, Dai Siu (big or small) in Macau. First introduced in the United States by Chinese migrants in the early 20th century.

Sic Bo – How and Where to Play this Game

Nowadays, Sic Bo is played in most brick and mortar casinos with varying side bets that makes the game even more interesting to play.

The name Sic Bo literally means “Dice Pair”, but the game actually uses three dice which is quite confusing.

Sic Bo - How and Where to Play this Game
Sic Bo – How and Where to Play this Game

Sic Bo Gameplay

The game is played using three dice, a table layout for the betting options and a glass container where the dices will be placed and by the dealer.

Although the board may look complex, the rules of the game are pretty simple.

Three dice will be thrown or more popular way today is using a glass container and automatic machine to shake the dices, this is to prevent cheating.

Before the dealer shakes the dice, players must already place their wagers. Players can bet on the total value of the three dice, any single number that appears, any two specific number or a combination.

Each bet on the board is based on probabilities, there is no limit on how many bets you can do – similar to roulette.

Sic Bo Bets


The most common bet on the table layout is a wager on the total value of the three dice. Ranging from 4 to 17, bets 3 and 18 are covered by Triple 1 and Triple 6.

Payouts for Total bets is based on the probability of each total value occurring. You can find this displayed below each bet.

For example, a Total of 4 pays 50:1 and 11 and 10 pays 6:1. This means for winning a bet on 4, you will be payed 60 for every 1 staked.

Big and Small

You can bet on the total if it’s SMALL (4 to 10) or BIG (11 to 17).

The payout for Big and Small bets are both even money just like other chance bet such as Red/Black in roulette. Making this bet have a high chance of winning.

It is important to note that you will lose your Big or Small bet if the outcome is any triple. This explains why the 3 and 8 total wagers are not included in the board.


This is a bet on two specific numbers on the outcome of the three dice. For example, you can bet on a Combination of 5 and 6, you will win if the dices show 2, 5, and 6.

Payout for this bet is 5:1 (i.e. 5 for every 1 stake), regardless of which combination you choose.


A Single bet refers to a wager on a specific number that will show in the three dice. This pays out depends on how many occurrences of the number. For example, one (1:1), two (2:1) and three (3:1).


A Double bet is a wager on two specific number that will show. For example, a bet on Double 3 would win if the three dice will show 3, 5, and 3.

Double bet can be done from 1 to 6 and the payout is 8:1 (i.e. 8 for every 1 stake). Unlike the Triple bet, there’s no option for any Double – you have to specifically bet on double, but in return you can bet as many as you want.


Triple bet is a type of wager on all three dice will show a specific number. You can pick any specific triple (i.e. 1 to 6) and also any triple or non-specific.

The payout for any Triple is 24:1 (i.e. 24 for every 1 stake), on the other hand, payout for specific Triple is 150:1, making it the biggest payout on the table layout and far larger than 50:1 Single Bet.

That is a fantastic return if you are lucky enough, but the odds of it happening are really low. Definitely a good bet for a Sic Bo high roller.

Where to Play Sic Bo?

As mentioned earlier, sic bo is a very popular game that is played in land based casinos. This means you can also easily find it online. Just look for a site that uses software providers like Opus, Oriental Game, Dream Gaming and Big Gaming to name a few.

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