The Tips on How to Play Online Casino Game Baccarat

Are you one of those people who are fan of online casino or are you an aspiring professional gambler? There are many online casino games to choose from and they are also offered with the lowest house edge so they are ideal to be played by everyone. One of the most popular card games in online casino is the Baccarat and it is also one of the simplest game among all the casino games. This time I will let you know The Tips on How to Play Online Casino Game Baccarat.

The Tips on How to Play Online Casino Game Baccarat

 Baccarat is a simple game which also does not require such skills and it only has one way to win. In order to win, you must have a hand with the total value of closer to 9 but not exceeding it. This is not a complicated game to learn that’s why this is also fits to newbies in online casino gaming. More things about The Tips on How to Play Online Casino Game Baccarat will be discussed below.

The Gameplay

There are three options for you to place your bet on, the Player, the Banker and the Tie bet. If either of these three has the highest number closest to 9 or with the exact value of 9 which is also called the natural win will be called the winner. The Banker bet and Player be has the same house edge value of 1.06% since there is 5% commission given to the dealer, while the Tie bet is not recommended to bet on.

The Card Values

The value of the cards like the Ace will have the value of one, while 2-9 cards takes it original value and the face cards as well as the 10 card will have a value of 0. This means that the maximum value of cards will be 9 and the lowest value will be 1. If by chance your you will receive a hand that is more than 9, you will have to subtract the total to 10, in short if you have hand value that is total to 10 or more your hand will be total the value of the second digit. Example, your 2 cards are valued 5 and 6, your total value would be 1.

The Third Card

Baccarat game requires only 2 cards drawn to the player and the dealer, however some instances such as, if you have received a card that has value of less than or equal to 5 you will receive a third card. This is done because of the game rules and a plyer or a banker will stand if their hand total will be 8 or 9.


Online casino game Baccarat is a simple games that does not requires skills but more on luck. The Tips on How to Play Online Casino Game Baccarat includes the three types of bets that you will need to know before playing the online Baccarat.

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